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Washington Psychotronic Film Society
FREE! Mondays at 8pm
February 25th
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Monday, FEBRUARY 25th, at 8pm

Washington Psychotronic Film Society


Mean Mother
(1974, USA)

Directed by
Al Adamson
(Dracula vs. Frankenstein)
León Klimovsky
(The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman)

Two vets skip out on 'Nam, split up in Europe, and get into plenty of trouble before heading to Canada in this grindhouse patchwork film.

Starring singer-songwriter
Dobie Gray ("Drift Away", "The 'In' Crowd").

Part of WPFS' month-long Celebration of Black History Month.

FREE admission!!!

screening at
2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Just outside Washington Circle
Near George Washington Univeristy

2 blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro Station

(blue and orange lines)

Great American Pub Food available,
featuring sandwiches, burgers, fish & chips, salads, chili, and appetizers.

Monday Night Specials:

$8 pitchers, 25¢ wings, $1 sliders

Ages 21+ with ID




March 2013

Meow Mix Month!

Monday, MARCH 4th, at 8pm

Evil Cat
(1987, Hong Kong)

original title
凶貓 (Hung mau)
"vicious/fierce cat"

Directed by
余允抗 Dennis Yu Wan-Kong
(The Imp, The Beasts)

A long time ago, an evil cat ripped and tore up things on Earth. It had incredible powers and didn't use the litter box. One family stood up to it and imprisoned it within the Earth. The evil feline has resurfaced and the folks that tried to euthanize it before are dead, but their other kin-folk aren't. They have to wrassle this freak cat out of its 9 lives.
EVIL CAT (1987, Hong Kong), original title 凶貓 (Hung maau), click for trailer

click for trailer

Monday, MARCH 11th, at 8pm

The Cat
(1992, Hong Kong)

original title
衛斯理之老貓 (Wai si lei ji lou maau)
"Wisely's old cat"

Directed by
藍乃才 Lam Nai-Choi
(Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, Erotic Ghost Story,
The Seventh Curse, The Peacock King)

A badass outer-space alien is on the loose. So who do they send to stop it? More outer-space aliens and one of them turns out to be a cat that knows kung-fu. You just gotta see the dog and cat kung-fu fight. It's outta this world, baby!
THE CAT (1992, Hong Kong), original title 衛斯理之老貓 (Wai si lei ji lou maau), click for clip

click for clip

Monday, MARCH 18th, at 8pm

the Cat
(1972, USA)

Written and Directed by
Ralph Bakshi
(The Lord of the Rings, Cool World, Wizards)

Who's up for X-rated hijinks? This cool cat is! All he wants to do is smoke dope and have orgies, but he heads out on a journey of self-discovery when the pigs bust things up. Along the way he's in for a wild joy ride, a race riot in Harlem, and a group of sadistic revolutionaries led by a junkie biker rabbit.

Based on the character created by underground cartoonist
Robert Crumb (Zap Comix, American Splendor, Weirdo).
FRITZ THE CAT (1972, USA), click for trailer

click for trailer


The Washington Psychotronic Films Society is dedicated to the appreciation and defense of: Independent, cutting-edge, student, experimental, anime, off-beat, underground, obscure, super-8, low-budget, classic, forgotten, must-see, and just about anything on film.
Movies of Peculiar Interest

Hosted by The Incorrigible Dr. Schlock .
Arrive early for some
rare eye-candy and groovy tunes.
Enter our raffle and win some
cheap prized after the show.

All screenings are
free, but a donation to help cover our expenses is suggested.

The WPFS is a
non-profit organization, founded in 1989 by Melanie Scott.

Special Thanks to
Chocolate Moose
“From the Sublime to the Ridiculous”

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