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Washington Psychotronic Film Society
FREE! Mondays at  8pm
September 23rd
HERCULES RETURNS (1993, Australia)
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 23rd, at 8pm

Washington Psychotronic Film Society

HERCULES RETURNS (1993, Australia)


(1993, Australia)

Directed by
David Parker

Disheartened as an executive for a mega-multiplex chain, a movie buff decides to reopen an old-school cinema house. But his former boss doesn't like competition. On opening night, the Italian Hercules film arrives undubbed and unsubtitled. What to do?!? Why, dub over the film live with hilarious consequences, of course!

FREE admission!!!

screening at
2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Just outside Washington Circle
Near George Washington University

2 blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro Station

(blue and orange lines)

Great American Pub Food available,
featuring sandwiches, burgers, fish & chips, salads, chili, and appetizers.

Monday Night Specials:

12-for-$3 wings, 3-for-$3 sliders

Ages 21+ with ID




Monday, SEPTEMBER 30th, at 8pm

for the
(1970, Italy | Spain)

Directed by
Mario Bava
(Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, A Bay of Blood, Danger: Diabolik)

A sexually frustrated designer has an ax to pick with some unlucky brides who wear his fashions, but his bitching wife just doesn't understand. She's next in line for his killing joke, and the punchline is "Love Hurts" in this Mario Bava chiller.
HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON (1970, Italy | Spain), click for trailer

click for trailer


Monday, OCTOBER 7th, at 8pm

Monster from Space
(1970, Japan)

Space Amoeba

original title
ゲゾラ・ガニメ・カメーバ 決戦!

Gezora Ganime Kameba Kessen!
Nankai no Kaijuu

"Gezora, Ganime, Kamoeba: Decisive Battle!
Giant Monsters of the South Seas"

Directed by
本多猪四郎 Honda Ishirô
(Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Destroy All Monsters!)

A blue, alien space mist hitches a ride to Earth where it transforms a cuttlefish, a stone crab, and a rock turtle into giant, mutant monsters. It's gonna take a team of humans, dolphins, and bats to send them packing!
YOG: MONSTER FROM SPACE (1970, Japan), aka SPACE AMOEBA, original title ゲゾラ・ガニメ・カメーバ 決戦! 南海の大怪獣 Gezora Ganime Kameba Kessen! Nankai no Kaijuu "Gezora, Ganime, Kamoeba: Decisive Battle! Giant Monsters of the South Seas", click for trailer

click for trailer


Columbus Day
Monday, OCTOBER 14th, at 8pm

of the
(1980, USA)

Directed by
James C. Wasson

Bigfoot is pissed! WATCH, in bloody periphery monster-vision, no less, as he rips a guy's nuts off, swings intestines around in a murderous rage, makes girl scouts get all stabby on each other, and makes sweet, sweet love to a so-to-be-crazy young lady.

Originally banned in the UK as a Video Nasty!

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1980, USA), click for trailer

click for trailer


Monday, OCTOBER 21st, at 8pm


(1986, USA)

Directed, Produced, and Co-written by
Dominick Brascia

Kids never learn. A bunch of docs head to an isolated house with murderous history and meet their expected fate. But not without cheesy 80's music, butt-bouncing housecleaning, a golden shower, homoerotic overtones, a trope-conscious horror geek, and a microwave that can fry someone's head with the door open.

Scott Baio's older brother and award-winning porno actress Ashlyn Gere.
EVIL LAUGH (1986, USA), click for butt-bouncing housecleaning clip

click for trailer


Monday, OCTOBER 28th, at 8pm

of the
(1998, USA)

Written by, Directed by, Produced by and Featuring
Charles E. Cullen
(Super Badass, Killer Klowns from Kansas on Krack)

Three witches on a haunted hill have just created a very special brew. A concoction so toxic it will turn the city's bums into blood thirsty zombies. Disguised as bottles of wine, the bums are sure to bite, and bite they do! They bite arms, legs and any other spare body part they can sink their teeth into. The mayor of the city has a plan. Armed with venom soaked bullets obtained from a skeleton puppet, he will battle to the death with the zombie horde. Lookout zombie bums, the mayor is out for blood and he's not screwing around (one look at his wife and you'll know why!)
NIGHT OF THE BUMS (1998, USA), click for trailer

click for trailer


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“From the Sublime to the Ridiculous”
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