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Washington Psychotronic Film Society
FREE! Mondays at 8pm
June 10th
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Monday, JUNE 10th, at 8pm

Washington Psychotronic Film Society
wants you to look deep inside

The Man with
the X-Ray Eyes

(1963, USA)

Directed and Produced by
Roger Corman
(New World Pictures, American International Pictures,
Death Race 2000, House, Piranha, The Little Shop of Horrors)

Classic "B" sci-fi drama stars Ray Milliand (Dial M for Murder, The Lost Weekend, Rep the Wild Wind, Love Story), as a scientist who invents a serum that outdoes those X-ray specs in the comic book ads, and experiments on himself... only to find that too much vision, like knowledge, is a dangerous thing. With Don Rickles (Kelly's Heroes, Toy Story), the great Dick Miller (A Bucket of Blood, The Little Shop of Horrors, Gremlins), and an unforgettable ending in a religious revival tent ("If thine eye offend thee,...").

FREE admission!!!

screening at
2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Just outside Washington Circle
Near George Washington University

2 blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro Station

(blue and orange lines)

Great American Pub Food available,
featuring sandwiches, burgers, fish & chips, salads, chili, and appetizers.

Monday Night Specials:

$8 pitchers, 25¢ wings, $1 sliders

Ages 21+ with ID




Monday, JUNE 17th, at 8pm


(1986, Italy | USA)

Written and Directed by
Tim Kinkaid
(Breeders, Mutant Hunt, Bad Dormitory Girls)

A guy named Neo, a robot uprising, and humanity enslaved to power to a computer mainframe-- sound familiar? Well, you're thirteen years too early. This movie features all of the above, plus an evil woman who just had her wisdom teeth pulled, and a gigantic avocado. Lobster-headed robots, a kleptomaniac C3PO knockoff, and a huge Nuge round out the cast. Oh, and sock puppets with teeth. While we're at it, there are also a couple women with ridiculously impractical outfits, and just enough carelessness in location scouting to make you think that maybe, just maybe, our intrepid voyageurs are trekking through modern day Central Park. And Long Island City. Not some wasteland in the distant future.

WATCH as the dry-socketed villainess Valaria gradually turns into a sleazy Marlene Dietrich.
THRILL to the huge Nuge's journey of personal discovery, transforming from mindless sex toy to bomb-squad lieutenant.
WATCH as Neo's robot buddy slips farther and farther into C3PO mimicry until he suffers a breakdown that was stolen lock, stock and barrel from The Empire Strikes Back.
SIT BREATHLESS as robots who look like crustaceans with claws sharpened into swords fight with Neo and the huge Nuge.
BE AMAZED at the new uses found for dark room timers and abandoned factory equipment.

Will the huge Nuge run out of bronzer? Will Neo survive to become Keanu Reeves? Will the Dark One be defeated? Will Deeja's father make an excellent guacamole? Mmmmm...guacamole...
ROBOT HOLOCAUST (1986, Italy | USA), click for clip collection (NSFW - boobs, male & female; also spoilers)

click for clip collection
(NSFW - boobs, male & female;
also spoilers)

Monday, JUNE 24th, at 8pm

(1988, Canada)

Written and Directed by
Sandor Stern
(Amityville: The Evil Escapes, The Amityville Horror)

Pin is the creepy tale of a doctor who relates to his kids via his medical dummy named Pin, which of course is short for Pinocchio. Things turn murderous when the son thinks that Pin is more important than life itself and pre-marital sex.
PIN (1988, Canada), click for trailer

click for trailer


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